Sunday, August 6, 2017

DIY Wagon Wheel Chandelier


Items you will need: 
Edison String Lights--You can use any string of lights. I just chose this one for the style it added.
Wood Wagon Wheel--This is a seasonal item, so K-Mart doesn't always have it. I also found a similar Wagon Wheel at At Home, but that also is a seasonal item. I have seen a lot of rustic, old wheels at local antique stores. You can always google Wood Wagon Wheel and see what is available near you.
Ball Mason Jars
Crystal Bead Strands (I bought 3 strands, but didn't use all of the third.)
Crystal Teardrop Pendants
Bronze Hanging Chain

The following items can be found at your local hardware store:

Staple Gun/Staples


Screw Driver

Small Nails

Wire Cutters

Extension Cord

1)Prepare Mason Jar Lids

You need to make a hole in the lid so the light bulb can fit through. I used a screw driver to puncture a hole in the metal lid, then used wire cutters to make the hole bigger. You just need to make it big enough for the base of the light bulb to fit through it and screw onto the light strand.

2)Screw the Mason Jars on the Lights
Once you've made the holes on the lids, you will screw them onto the mason jars. When all 10 jars were attached to the lights, I plugged them in just to make sure they worked. (I would hate to get everything done and then find out the light strand doesn't work!)

3)Attach Lights to Wagon Wheel
This step takes a while, as you want the jars to be symmetrical. There are 10 lights on the strand; I strung 6 around the outside of the wheel, 3 in the middle, and 1 in the center (I used a larger mason jar in the center to make it stand out). When you think of a chandelier, you picture the middle one hanging the lowest; I didn't do that because you would see a lot of the chord, but if you find a way to hide it then I would make it hang the lowest! From here, you will staple the light strand to the wheel (be careful as you do not want to puncture a hole in the strand). The light closest to the plug-in is one of the 6 on the outside so it can go up the chain to be plugged into an extension cord.

4)Link the Chains to the Wheel
I made 3 chains that were the same length and placed them the same distance apart on the wheel. They will meet in the middle, where you will fasten them to a ceiling, pergola, etc.

5)Add the BLING

This is where you can make it your own and my FAVORITE part. Who doesn't love bling?? You can add a lot of bling or a little; it's up to you!! During this step, you want the beads to be symmetrical. I hammered little nails where I wanted the beads to hang. After hanging the strands, you add the pendants however you like and you're done!

6) Enjoy it! 

I made my chandelier a while ago, but I am still in LOVE with it. I am so happy with how it turned out; everyone that has come over absolutely loves it!

TIP: One thing I encourage is to have an extra person to assist when needed, especially when hanging the chandelier.


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