Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year, New Resolutions

1. Go on more adventures- I don't care what it is, I want to do it. I feel my life has been "boring", so  going on adventures is the biggest resolution I have for this year.
2. Set the phone down- I've noticed that being on the phone all the time, I don't communicate with people (mainly my boyfriend.. we need to both work on this one!)
3. Make long lasting friends- Being in college is hard. There are a lot of fake people out there, so finding true friends can be difficult.
4. Workout at least 3 times a week- This is a big one. I haven't been taking care of my body, and I am starting to notice. Feeling confident is the best feeling in the world, and being in shape makes that a whole lot easier!!
5. Drink MORE water- I am SO bad at this... I don't know why, either. 
6. Walk the pups- I forget how much energy our dogs have, and they need adventures of their own!
7. Remember my goals- Life is hard. I've noticed I sometimes stray away from my goals and ambitions and want to give up, but I just need to keep looking forward and see the big picture. 
8. Go to more concerts- I know concerts can be pricey, but they are so much fun.
9. Eat more greens- I hate salads, so my resolution is to find a compromise and a way to make salads more tasty to get more greens in my diet.
10. Start a new hobby- I love DIY projects, so adding something to that doesn't hurt!

I hope you all had a good holiday and New Years! Here's to another year! 

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