Monday, December 19, 2016

December's Bark Box

(Kai's First Pick)

(Tucker's First Pick)

It's always disappointing when you are expecting a package and they tell you that you have to wait a week before you get it. Well, their box arrived a lot earlier than expected, and boy were they excited! I think Tucker was running around the house going back and forth between his two toys for a good fifteen or twenty minutes while Kai was chewing away at her Pork Hide Chew.

With it being December, their box was Christmas themed. It included: Chilly's Paw Warmers, Mishkas Warm Winter Hat, Lodge Logs, Bixbi Bark Pop Treats, and a Pork Hide Chew.

Here is the link if you would like to start a Barkbox subscription, and your first box is FREE!


The other day, I was told my pups are spoiled. A part of me was a little upset by that thought, but once I started to think about it, I didn't care because I know they are in a great home and surrounded by lots and lots of love. Before we got Kai, she was a stray; who knows how long she was outside scavenging for food every night or trying to curl up and stay warm through the cold, winter nights. I see way too many stories about people wanting to give their dogs up or how poorly they treat them. I am SO happy to say that my dogs are spoiled because not every dog gets that... which breaks my heart.


  1. Love your blog. Your dogs are so cute!! I have a black lab too, they're so much fun :)